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Refugee Resettlement

Cummer Avenue United Church participates in refugee resettlement as a member of Don Valley Refugee Resettlers (DVRR).  The mission of DVRR is to make application for the sponsorship of refugees through the private sponsorship programme of the Canadian government and to assist in their resettlement.

The Don Valley Refugee Resettlement organization is made up of representatives from the following United Churches in North York:  Bayview, Cummer Avenue, Forest Grove, Lansing, Taiwanese, Willowdale and Anglican Churches:  St. George on Yonge and St. Theodore of Canterbury.  Since 1997, DVRR has resettled 70 people in Toronto through 16 private sponsorships.


In 2014, a family of 5 from Sudan arrived in Canada and have made a very successful adjustment to life in an unfamiliar and large city.  In January 2016, DVRR welcomed a Syrian family consisting of parents and their 3 sons (ages17, 15 and 13 years).  

All the sponsorships have been made possible as a result of the immense generosity of the churches involved in DVRR and the dedication of the individual members.

Contact Jim Acheson for further information call the Church office at (416) 222-5417 or e-mail 

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