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House groups

A place for new arrivals to belong and get involved!

Green house
House 7 of the house groups

What are house groups? 

Our church wants to make it easy for all members and especially new members to have persons whom they could get to know better on a more personal basis. We also have found a way to divide Sunday responsibilities for managing the service, in a friendly and easy manner.  For these reasons we created a system of dividing the congregation into teams or "houses".


What do house groups do?

Members and adherents of the congregation are divided into nine "houses".  Each house has two team leaders, and consists of at least 25 members. Each house assists with Sunday activities once every eight weeks, in rotation. They perform the following functions: Greeting and ushering; Bible reading; collecting offering; hosting coffee and conversation; and supporting and helping one another.  

Do you want to become a member?

This is a great way to meet members from the congregation and at the same time practice your English language skills.  This is also a chance for all of us to welcome newcomers from various countries around the world.   

Contact the church office for further Information.

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