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A wedding is an occasion for commitment and joy. In the Christian Church, we believe that the commitment of marriage and the love and trust learned in the family relationship is of critical importance in our development as mature individuals. At the heart of Christian marriage lies a life-long commitment and promise made in the presence of God and in the light of Christian understanding of love. At Cummer Avenue United Church, we accept and support same gender marriage.


The Church is more concerned about marriage than it is about weddings. In other words, it is one thing to make practical arrangements for a wedding; it is another thing to be as well prepared as possible for marriage with all its responsibilities and demands. Accordingly, we recommend that couples wishing to be married in Cummer Avenue United Church attend Preparation for Marriage sessions with our Minister.


Couples who do not accept our Christian beliefs and who do not have or wish to have any active relationship within the Christian Church should consider a secular or civil ceremony. 

The first step is an interview with the Minister to see if both the couple and the Minister are comfortable in going forward to plan the marriage ceremony together. If for whatever reason, either the couple or the Minister do not wish to proceed, there is no obligation on either side. If the resident Minister is not available on the proposed wedding date, a substitute Minister may be asked to officiate on that occasion, subject to approval by the Executive Board of Cummer Avenue United Church.

Contact the CAUC Ministerial staff to discuss possible wedding arrangements call (416) 222-5417 or email

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