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Summer Camp

 For the 2016 annual Summer Camp, a group of 4 university students organized  n “Olympics and Crafts” Summer Camp for a three-week period.

 Activities ranging from physical activities (soccer, group games, water fights, etc.…)  to crafts (drawing, painting, water rocket building) took place on a daily basis. In addition the campers had the opportunity to bake healthy and nutritious snacks such as oatmeal cookies, brownies and pizza. 


With a total of 40 campers at its highest peak, the camp has enjoyed a lot of success, and was met with enthusiasm from both children and parents. The campers had the opportunity to go on field trips every Friday, including a visit to Ripley’s Aquarium. The camp formally ended on August 19th.

At this point there is no plan to run a camp for 2017.

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