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Music this Sunday, June 11

Trinity Sunday and Church Anniversary

Gathering Music:

Praise And Thanksgiving (Hymn Preludes) - Burkhardt All Glory Be To God On High The God Of Abraham Praise At The Name Of Jesus My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less - Utterback

Choral Prayer: Sing, Sing The Song Of Life - Harling

Ministry Of Music: God Who Touches Earth With Beauty - Kemp

Offertory Anthem: Come, All Cone, In Celebration - Cathey

Postlude: Outer Hebrides (A Fantasia On Three Celtic Folk Melodies) - Halley

Congregational Music:

VU#316 - Praise Our Maker

VU#305 - Into The Unshaped Silence

VU#389 - God Is Here MV#135 - Called By Earth & Sky

VU#420 - Go To The World

with service music:

MV#191 - What Can I Do?

VU#884 - We Shall Go Out With Joy

Music Leadership: Valerie Ferrier, Karen Smith, Paul Smith, Al Vrenson and the Chancel Choir

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