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Pastoral Care Team

Strawberry Tea

The Pastoral Care Team: is an important part of the church.  It works with the Minister to provide assistance to members of the congregation during difficult times.


Special Care Members: The Special Care Members are members of the congregation who can rarely attend church due to age or illness and who may live in retirement or nursing homes.  Contacts are assigned to keep in touch with them throughout the year.


Strawberry Tea: A social event for older members of the congregation some of whom can no longer attend church on a regular basis.


Rides to church: Dedicated volunteers regularly drive people who live in nearby retirement homes to and from church.  There are also many informal arrangements made between members of the congregation.

Chronic Illness Support Group: This group was formed to support those dealing with a Chronic Illness who just need a chance to verbalize and ask questions in a caring atmosphere in which others understand the encountered difficulties and share their solutions and personal insight. The group meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.


Prayer Team: Members of this informal group pray individually for members and their families and friends who are sick or in some kind of crisis. Many who received support found the prayers to be helpful in difficult times often contributing to the recovery process.

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