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We are an inclusive Christian community

celebrating God’s presence

as we work to enrich lives and transform our world. 


Our Call

We will:

  • Reach out and be welcoming and supportive.

  • Engage in actions that bring fairness and justice to the world.

  • Create opportunities for all to explore their spirituality.

Our Values

  • Respect all and the gifts they bring.

  • Live compassionately, following the teachings of Jesus.

  • Feel safe to ask questions and remain open to new ideas.

  • Walk faithfully in God’s creation with respect for the environment.

  • Work together in fellowship and fun.




Our Commitment

Cummer Avenue United Church will be a safe place where everyone is welcome to participate in all aspects of our life and ministry. All will be supported, encouraged and respected wherever they are on their faith journey.

Our faith community shall be inclusive of people of all ages, gender identities, sexual orientation, family configuration, geographical origin, ethnic and cultural background or their financial circumstances.

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