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New Beginnings Baskets

Women who are leaving a shelter need a lot of 

things to restart their lives. 

Typical contents of a "New Beginnings" basket

Cummer Avenue United Church provided "New Beginnings" baskets for women and children who left the North York Women's Shelter to move to their own apartment between 2005 and 2017.

The North York Women's Shelter is currently closed for renovations.

We will revisit this program when the Shelter re-opens.

In 2016 we provided baskets for 13 women and their 14 children

The basket we give is filled with cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils and other household products we have on hand. Pots and pans are included if available. We also supply pillows, bedding and towels in order to make their new start is as comfortable as possible.

Come and assist us in this important task!

Contact Linda Patrick for further information call

(416) 222-5417 or e-mail

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